Magnanimity (A Short Film)

Film Written and Directed by: Josh Munson

If you want to contact Josh, his gmail address is notetoself066@

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This film stars Christopher Morris as the Social Worker and Ryan MacNamara as the Homeless Man.

About the film, Josh writes:

A social worker loses the honor he once received from the public after helping a homeless man.

This short film was the culmination of the second half of my independent study at Kutztown University with Professor Andrew Corsa. The first half of the course was focused on the idea of magnanimity, or greatness of soul. The second half of the course focused on theater, performance, and film. My goal was to combine my major, Electronic Media, with my minor, Philosophy, and create a short film that deals with the philosophical concepts I was studying

Shooting took place over three days in Kutztown and Lyons. I had a very awesome, small crew that I can't thank enough. The actors did a bit of driving and dealing with extremely cold weather, and for that I am very appreciative. If you have any questions about the technical aspects or the content please feel free to ask.



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