// Andrew J. Corsa is a philosophy professor, writer, and artist. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo Bird Photographs from:

Birds: A Monthly Serial Illustrated by Color Photography
Designed to Promote Knowledge of Bird-Life,
Vol. II,
Chicago: Nature Study Publishing Company, 1897


Birds: A Monthly Serial Illustrated by Color Photography
Designed to Promote Knowledge of Bird-Life,
Vol. III,
Chicago: Nature Study Publishing Company, 1897

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In 2017, I invited filmmaker Joshua Munson out to CSU-Pueblo for two weeks. During that time, he created a film working with students on campus, who were involved with technical work, acting, composing the score, etc. Over fifty students were involved in the film, including undergraduate students in my upper level Philosophy course, who wrote about their experiences in relation to our course's discussions and arguments. The finished film is a site-specific art project. In order to watch the entire film, audiences will need to be on campus, where they will find various passwords that they will need to view it.

A local reporter from the Pueblo Chieftain - Luke Lyons - wrote a set of great, interconnected stories about the film project. They are below. The main story was subsequently picked up by the Associated Press and has been republished on dozens of websites.

U.S. News and World Report - "Film and Philosophy: Colorado Students Innovate with Film," by Luke Lyons, originally published in the Pueblo Chieftian

The Pueblo Chieftain - "The Plot of 'Black Coffee'," by Luke Lyons

The Pueblo Chieftain - "Team Effort Helps Create 'Black Coffee'," by Luke Lyons

The Pueblo Chieftain - "The Philosophy of 'Black Coffee'," by Luke Lyons


In 2015, I worked with Professor Caroline Peters from the Art Department at CSU-Pueblo, and we raised funds to invite two international artists to the Pueblo campus: Nastja Säde Rönkkö, and Luke Turner. In January 2016, the artists exhibited their work in the CSU-Pueblo Fine Art Gallery, presented a public lecture, participated in a reception, and led a for-credit workshop. These events received support from the university's Center for Teaching and Learning, which arranged for many English and Art classes to visit the gallery, meet the artists, and write about the art and events. While the artists visited, I, myself, also gave a public lecture one evening, relating the artists' work to philosophical discussions about authorship and group cognition. Many of my own students attended several events and learned about the Philosophy of Art/Aesthetics.

Here are several articles written about the events:

The Pueblo Chieftain - "International Artists to Bring Work Here," by Anthony A. Mestas

CSU-Pueblo Today - "International artists to visit CSU-Pueblo gallery and classrooms," by Sara Knuth

CSU-Pueblo Today - "Artists Ronkko and Turner bring their work to CSU-Pueblo," by Alec Herrera

the artists' websites are here: Luke Turner, and here: Nastja Säde Rönkkö.