"Henry David Thoreau: Greatness of Soul and Environmental Virtue," published in Environmental Philosophy

A peer-reviewed paper I wrote was published in Environmental Philosophy.

A pre-print .docx version of my work can be found here.

The journal's webpage for my work is available here. The Philpapers page for my work is available here.

This is my paper's abstract:

I read Henry David Thoreau as an environmental virtue theorist. In this paper, I use Thoreau's work as a tool to explore the relation between the virtue of greatness of soul and environmental virtues. Reflecting on connections between Thoreau's texts and historical discussions of greatness of soul, or magnanimity, I offer a novel conception of magnanimity. I argue that (1) to become magnanimous, most individuals need to acquire the environmental virtue of simplicity; and (2) magnanimous individuals must possess the environmental virtue of benevolence in order to achieve their goals.

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