"Kinesthetic Empathy, Dance, and Technology" published in Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Journal

A peer-reviewed paper I wrote was published in Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Journal.

A .pdf version of my work can be found here.

The journal's webpage for my work is available here.

This is my paper's abstract:

I argue that when we use email, text messaging, or social media websites such as Facebook to interact, rather than communicating face-to-face, we do not experience the best kind of empathy, which is most conducive to experiencing benevolence for others. My arguments rely on drawing interdisciplinary connections between sources: early modern accounts of sympathy, dance theory, philosophy of technology, and neuroscience/psychology. I reflect on theories from these disciplines which, taken together, suggest that to empathize optimally, we must see or hear each other's bodily gestures, vocal intonations, and facial expressions.

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