NOTE: When I posted the first several sheets (1-3), I received feedback almost instantly. I also quickly received feedback on all of the sheets I posted in response. Yet, as the project continued and I posted more sheets, the rate of feedback dropped. Feedback came more and more slowly until it stopped entirely. By the time I reached sheet 7, no one was writing anymore.

Perhaps the novelty of the project wore off, and people lost interest. Perhaps students became less inclined to write as the semester wore on. Or perhaps the sheets I left in response to feedback had an effect on participation. I'm not entirely sure.

Only one additional piece of feedback was left on the remaining sheets. An individual wrote some cool notes on sheet number 12.

Here is my seventh sheet:

The text on the right hand side of this sheet reads:

"There be some rights which no man can be understood by any words, or other signs, to have abandoned or transferred. As first a man cannot lay down the right of resisting them that assault him by force to take away his life" (Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan).

"A covenant to accuse oneself, without assurance of pardon, is likewise invalid. For . . . in the civil state the accusation is followed with punishment, which, being force, a man is not obliged to resist" (Hobbes).

"Unless the parties to the question covenant mutually to stand to the sentence of another, they are as far from peace as ever. This other, to whose sentence they submit, is called an Arbitrator [or jury]" (Hobbes).


Desire LIFE
And the property we use to live well.
And no one can expect us
To act contrary to these desires
Or to stand idly by while
Everything we want
Is taken away.



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