Here is my twelfth sheet:

The text reads, in part:

We have powerful rights, numbered in the Bill of Rights and other amendments.
We have powerful rights which the Constitution never names but does not deny.
We have all the powers which the Constitution explicitly gives us.
We (and the states) have all the powers which the Constitution never names.

We, the people,
are powerful.

As one of the possible answers to the question I pose on the sheet, I included a piece of feedback left on an earlier sheet: The 2nd Amendment is to guns as Prince (artist formerly known as) is to pop music - outdated!

Here are three photos of the feedback an individual left on this sheet:

In response to my questions and poem, the individual wrote: We don't have the right to injur/harm [sic] others or their rights directly or indirectly.

In response to the comment about the 2nd Amendment, the individual wrote: Bull shit, the 2nd Amendment is forever valid. It is a right given to U.S. citizens so they may defend and protect the rights given to them if and when the government abuses its power.

I didn't display any response to this feedback. By the time I received it, classes at Moravian College were about it end, and my audience would soon disappear. Yet I consider this feedback an excellent conclusion to the project.

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